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Georgia Hardy Tours specializes in creating unique and custom itineraries for educators. 

March Break is a popular time for curriculum-related tours for teachers and their students -- one of the busiest travel times of the year. So if you're thinking about leading a trip, it's best to contact us early (12-18 months prior) and get the process started.

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What makes Georgia Hardy different from other companies offering student travel?  

  • We offer superlative accommodations in city-centres
  • Informative guides who understand student travelers
  • Restaurants with menus that appeal to North American teens 
  • Dedicated escorts to ensure the trip runs smoothly

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Travel Provider for Your Trip:

There are other companies who plan teacher-led student trips. Educational travel is a complicated business and not all companies are created equal.  GHT prides ourselves on working directly with each client and knowing their exact requirements, and after more than 35 years, our track-record proves we are the best educational travel company in Canada.  

if you are planning a trip, think carefully and ask these questions:

Q: Do you have air and hotels booked from my chosen departure city for the dates stated in the itinerary? Is this confirmed?

The answer should always be YES!  March Break is a busy travel time and flights fill months in advance.  If you have a group of 20 people, don't expect to travel if your flights aren't booked months in advance.  If you travel with Georgia Hardy, you can rest assured we confirmed air and hotels after our first conversation with you.  There will never be any surprises!

Q: Is the tour being planned for me and my students, or will we have to join a larger group?

Other travel companies advertise the trip is for you, but teachers often arrive at a destination and find their group is sharing busses and accommodations with other groups, often from other countries and of varying ages.  This is a problem if you are taking a group of 14-16 year old Canadians and suddenly find yourself sharing a trip with 18+ who come from a country with different drinking laws.  The ramifications for teachers can include massive difficulties in enforcing behaviour. Georgia Hardy Tours NEVER combines your trip with another clients -- it just won't happen.  

Q: Where are the hotels located? City centres or in the suburbs? Who has vetted them?

When you travel, don't find you and your students on the outskirts of town, staying in a sub-standard hotel, horribly located in an industrial area.  If you don't do your research, this is where you could find yourself.  Cut-rate travel providers can offer very low priced trips by putting travelers in hotels no one else wants to stay in.  GHT only uses 3 and 4 star hotels in the city centre.   In Paris, our clients stay across from the Opera, in Florence in the heart of the Medieval City, the list goes on.  

Q: How much time is spent on a bus?

The less the better!  We strongly urge clients to not try and visit 5 countries in 10 days.  This is not an enjoyable experience and involves more time on a bus than actually on the ground visiting sites and enjoying the culture. GHT itineraries are are usually 7-10 days in length and involve 1-2 countries.  

Q: Are you a TICO certified travel company?

Why this is important? TICO is the consumer-protection agency that reputable travel companies belong to.  Visit to learn more.  

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