“I have loved both my trips with GHT to Nice and Paris! I will never forget one of my students leading us through the Musee d'Orsay with great enthusiasm, showing us paintings and architectural features all in French. Later that day we toured Cartier Jewelers and visited the rare book room in the library at the Sorbonne. That was just one day in Paris!”

Marina, Peel District School Board, Mississauga




Georgia Hardy Tours: Educational Specialists in Teacher-Led Travel

Georgia Hardy Tours specializes in creating unique and custom itineraries for teachers planning March Break, music or cultural trips at any time during the year.

March Break is a popular time for curriculum-related tours for teachers and their students -- one of the businest travel times of the year across the entire travel industry. So if you're thinking about leading a trip in March, it's a good idea to contact us early (12-18 months prior) to get the process started.

If you are planning a Music or Band trip, Spring is a wonderful time to take advantage of outdoor performing opportunities in Europe and beyond.

If a community service trip to Africa is your interest, contact us for the ideal times to avoid the rainy season and take advantage of the best time for wildlife viewing while on safari.

Where Do YOU Want To Go?

The world is a classroom, so why not study marine biology in the Galapagos or tour the ancient sites of Egypt or Greece?

Georgia Hardy Tours has the experience to make sure you and your students have the educational travel experience of a lifetime.  No request is too "out there"! We recently had a teacher take a group of 21 students to the Yukon. In February!

Our promise to you is to design the best trip for your group and deliver the ultimate educational tour.

What makes Georgia Hardy different from other companies offering student travel?

  • We offer superlative accommodations in city-centres
  • Informative guides who understand student travelers
  • Restaurants with menus that appeal to North American teens
  • Dedicated escorts to ensure the trip runs smoothly

If you're a teacher thinking about leading a group of your students,then call or email us.  We'll design the ultimate itinerary, customized for you.

Regardless of your destination, our promise is to deliver a trip that is outstanding for you and your students

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