Trip Planning

How It Works:

The first thing we want to know is what is your ideal itinerary? What are the top sites on your “bucket list” that will be the highlights of the tour? We'll use this as a foundation and build from there.

GHT’s expert travel designers will interview you to get a sense of what your priorities are in each destination on the suggested itinerary. For instance, if you’re a teacher looking to take your students on a tour of France with a focus on WWI and WWII, your itinerary will look VERY different from another educator who might want to focus on religion.

Using your top sites and our experience, we’ll create a journey that will inspire you and your students. Guaranteed.

The Process

  1. Contact GHT and discuss your travel needs and dates.
  2. GHT will present a sample itinerary for your approval.
  3. A final itinerary with costing and dates will be submitted for your approval.
  4. You submit the itinerary to your Principal or Board for approval, as necessary. GHT will provide any supporting documentation to help expedite the approval process.
  5. Trip announcement and sales cycle begins - GHT offers support and guidance on how to best market your trip, including: colourful posters & brochures, lunch time presentations at your school, parent evening information sessions, customer support for parent enquiries etc ...
  6. A few weeks prior to departure, a group orientation meeting will be led by a GHT staff member to cover all the exciting details.
  7. Bon Voyage!


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